Analytical Services

The R&D unit of Catalysts has   ‘NABL’ accredited lab that is actively involved in offering ‘Quality Testing Services’ for sugar, starch, grains, malts, molasses and brewing industries. R&D team  offer’s its expertise for on-time solutions to the clients.  The list of services offered by our analytical services team is detailed below:

Analysis of industrial based raw materials & process development

  • Biophysical & biochemical analysis of grain, molasses, cane juice and syrup
  • Application study of molasses and grains for ethanol fermentation
  • Enzymatic application for cane juice
  • Process study of malt (grist) mashing and extraction
  • Process and application study of starch
  • Stability studies of enzyme based formulation & products

Microbiological assays for raw materials, ingredients & products

  • Antimicrobial activity through disc diffusion, well diffusion and broth dilution assays
  • MIC, MBC & FIC evaluation
  • Raw material & product quality assays (TVC, TPC and Pathogens)
  • Dose & potency determination of antimicrobial and enzyme
  • Antimicrobial agents identification
  • Biological & microbiological analysis of raw water & industrial effluents/discharge

Biochemical analysis of macro molecules, raw materials& processed samples

  • Physico-chemical analysis of enzymes
  • Determination of Protein, Starch, Sugar and Moisture
  • Physico-chemical analysis of raw material used in Sugar and Distillery industries

Development of fermentation process & analysis:                

  • Lab scale fermentation media optimization
  • Lab scale enzyme production
  • Fed-batch process implementation for ethanol production via molasses
  • Yeast propagation & time bound physical & cell count study

Chemicals & Bio-chemicals profiling of raw materials & processed samples:

  • Sugar profiling by HPLC in molasses
  • DP profiling in grain based samples and starch processed samples
  • Sugar profiling in cane juice and syrups
  • Spectrometer analysis of samples
  • Polarity estimation of samples
  • Organic acids profiling in ethanol fermentation based samples by GC
  • Alcohol profiling in ethanol fermentation based samples by GC

Physiochemical Analysis of Water and Industrial Wastewater/Effluents

  • Determination of chemical and biochemical oxygen demand
  • Determination of hardness, alkalinity and solids
  • Determination of major organic and inorganic constituents
  • Treatability and recycling studies of wastewater using various products/processes


  • Biological & chemical discipline
  • Food and agricultural products
  • Sugar and sugar products, molasses
  • Environment & pollution
  • Waste water (effluents)
  • Spent lees
  • Water – ground/ surface
  • Ground water/ tank water/ river water/ surface water)