Brewery industry in India

The Indian beer industry has been witnessing steady growth of 10 – 17% per year over the last ten years. The rate of growth has increased in recent years, with volumes passing 170m cases during the 2008-2009 financial year. With the average age of the population on the decrease and income levels on the increase, the popularity of beer in the country continues to rise.

The quality of Indian beers was generally considered below average in the past. However, in recent years craft brewers such as International Breweries P. Ltd., have entered the market with a focus on high quality brewing. As a result, the quality of Indian beer has improved dramatically over the past decade.

Recently a beer made by International Breweries P. Ltd. in India, Australian MAX, has won the title of “World’s Best Strong Lager,” at the World Beer Awards (27 October 2011). This is the first time a beer produced in India has claimed a “World’s Best” title, beating the very best strong beers produced in Germany, Belgium, England, USA, Holland and from all over the world.

Over the past three years many craft brewpubs have been built all over India and the quality of beer production is rapidly catching up with the best worldwide. The CEO of International Breweries, Steven Judge, has formed the Asian Craft Brewers Federation (“ACBF”) open to all craft breweries across Asia. The ACBF seeks to advance the interests of Asian craft brewers in order to assist the continued improvement of beer quality in this region of rapidly growing beer markets.

Brewery Process in India

The brewing process involves the extraction & breakdown of carbohydrates (e.g. from malted barley or adjuncts) to make a sugar solution is used as a nutrients source for anaerobic yeast growth, to break down the simple sugars, releasing energy & producing ethanol & carbon dioxide as by-products. The major biological changes occurring in the brewing process are catalysed by naturally produced enzymes from barley & yeast.

However, when poor or variable equality malts, or a high percentage of adjuncts are used, there is often the requirement for additional exogenous enzymes to provide efficient & consistent sugar conversion.


A wide range of enzymes & additives are used for improving & facilitating the brewing process such as improving the liquefaction of malt & brewing adjuncts, improving trub separation, increasing the free amino acid content of the wort, improving saccharification of liquefied starch, facilitating yeast fining, foam stabilization etc.

ENZYSACC PLUS is a unique enzyme cocktail,which converts non-reducing and complex sugars like dextrin’s/oligosaccharides/glucose polymers into reducing fermentable form like glucose.This enzyme cocktail enhances the availibility rate of simple fermentable sugar from dextrin’s produced by starch liquefaction.
Natubrew FAA is an Alpha-amylase specially designed for brewing attenuation. It is capable of cutting long chain dextrin’s, thus providing good filtrations properties and relatively low viscosity. It is specially derived from strain of Aspergillus Oryzae by submerged fermentation. Natubrew FAA randomly hydrolyses α-1, 4-glucosidic bonds to reduce the viscosity of gelatinized starch, producing high maltose and cutting long chain of dextrins with maintaining low color and low viscosity under a variety of process condition.

Natufine Plus is a purified fining agent consisting of Collagen produced from the traditional source, predominantly swim bladders of fish. Natufine Plus is supplied as an easy to dissolve powder yet still maintains the properties of finings prepared over a long period of time. Natufine Plus speeds up and improves beer clarification by accelerating the sedimentation of Hop Recovery yeast & other insoluble material into a compact layer at the bottom of the storage tank. At the pH of beer a positive charge of Natufine Plus neutralizes the negative charge of the yeast cells, destroying the mutual repulsion that keeps the cells in suspension and promoting rapid flocculation that settles the yeast cells quickly to the bottom of the tank.

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Natufloc Plus is the blend of naturally occurring brewery approved seaweed materials. Consistency of performance is provided by quality control checks of every batch for wort trub formation. Natufloc Plus is acceptable for use in food by the MAFF document. The Hop Recovery active ingredient is carrageenan.

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Natufoam SP is a food grade Propylene Glycol Alginate, specially developed and produced as foam stabilizer for beer. It gives to beer more stable, longer-lived, creamier foam.

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NATUMALT PRIME is a cocktail enzyme for the entire application of malt mashing in Brewing & malt extraction process.

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Natunase BG Prime is a food grade complex of enzymes produced by fermentation of selected strains of Trichoderma reesei. The multicomponent blend exhibits significant activity towards cellulose, hemicellulose, βglucans, arabinoxylans & proteins. The enzymes in Natunase BG Prime hydrolyse these NSP’s & proteins often found in plant-derived substrates. Natunase BG Prime is specifically formulated to hydrolyse the non-starch polysaccharides & proteins of barley, wheat, soy and other plantderived substrates. Typical applications for Natunase BG Prime include raw material processing, hydrolysis of plant-derived gums and treatment of fermentation media.

NATUNASE TAA PLUS is a new bio-innovation for starch hydrolysis and specially designed for high temperature starch liquefaction. NATUNASE TAA PLUS significantly reduce the viscosity of gelatinized starch, producing soluble dextrin and oligosaccharides under a variety of process condition.

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Natunox is an antioxidant specifically developed for use in beer. It contains Sodium Isoascorbate as an active ingredient, having a very low redox potential and thus effectively removes oxygen form the beer. Beer during storage undergoes gradual alteration as small quantities of dissolved oxygen results in oxidation of polyphenols and proteins causing undesirable flavors, aroma, cloudiness and development of dark red color. Natunox guard the beer from all these changes by effectively removing the dissolved oxygen.

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Natupap NP is an optimum blend of purified papain. Papain is extracted from the fruit of papaya tree named Carica papaya. It is collected by trapping the unripe fruit, drying and then purifying the latex.

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NATUCLAR is a purified fining agent consisting of Collagen an optimized blend of polyvinylpropyrrolidone (PVPP) and silica Xerogel.

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Natuferm is an amylolytic preparation which catalyzes on one hand the hydrolysis of the -1,6 linkages of amylopectin and on the other hand the hydrolysis of the -1,4 linkages of both amylose and amylopectine by releasing maltose units.

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Natumalt is food grade mashing enzymes blend that contains selected and controlled
activities to provide consistent malt-like performance in the brewhouse. These activities include bacterial Alpha Amylase, Beta-Amylase, Neutral protease and Beta glucanase for use in the brewing industry.Learn more.

Natunase ALDC is a purified alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase enzyme derived from
Bacillus licheniformis. Acetolactate decarboxylase (ALDC) has the unique ability to decarboxylate both enantiomers of acetolactate to give a single enantiomer of the decarboxylation product, (R)-acetoin. This enzyme has application in brewing industry.Learn more.

Natunutr has been designed to increase fermentation rates especially when
high gravity worts are used and when new high-performance mash filters (Meura 2001, Nordon, Landaluce, etc.) are used to obtain these worts.Learn more.