About R&D

Our Group of Scientific Expertise

Quote:   “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Catalysts scientific team consists of blend of youth & experience; qualified, experienced, passionate and enthusiastic research professionals. The team has the capability and practical understanding of the science behind each project,  understanding expectations and delivering robust results. The technical expertise and knowledge of the team spreads across Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Fermentation Technology, Animal Nutrition, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Wastewater Management. The latest state of art tools and technological upgradation are used to keep pace with the ever changing industry requirements and to develop quality and relevant products.

Discovery Solutions
Catalysts scientific talent pool consists of doctorates and post graduates in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, to offer standalone as well as customised solutions to the Sugar and Distillery industries and are presently working/ open to work on the following research areas

  • Discovery and development of new enzymes
  • Development of novel microbial cultures for industrial effluent/wastewater treatment
  • Natural antibiotic replacements
  • Biocides and antimicrobial formulation 

Water Management Solutions
Catalysts group, maintains a focus on keeping the environment clean by developing sustainable technologies. Catalysts offers its services to the customers in sugar and alcohol industries to focus on water management and recycling of water with an endeavour to attaining zero liquid discharge in line with the regulatory requirement. Under the ambit of waste water management segment, our scientific team focuses on the following areas, which have either been  developed or are in  the process of development:

  • COD removal using biological and chemical agents
  • Ammonia, Sulphide removal
  • Induction/enhancement in biodegradation (anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Resource Recovery
  • Recycle & Reuse
  • pH Boosters and Buffers

Application Development
Application development and continuous improvement is the back bone of Catalysts products development philosophy. Our application development team has an in depth knowledge, industry exposure and hands on experience in industrial process. This in turn facilitates development of high performing and relevant products customised to the clients process. This ensures deployment in the industry without making any significant changes in the clients existing setup.
Catalysts is also working on research projects which cater to the needs of the companies for the improvement of their existing products in the Food and Beverage industries. This ensures the commercial success of our clients. Some of our Application Lab’s ongoing activities

  • Protein digestibility improvement
  • Stability and activity enhancement of enzymes formulations
  • Process improvement in Sugar and Distilleries
  • Urea and Lime replacement